Monday, January 23, 2012

DEFORESTATION.. causes, effects, solutions

We all know that trees are very important to us. But there are some people who are abusing our natural resources. Deforestation - the term which refers to irresponsible cutting down of trees in forested areas. Most of our forests play an important role in improving and regulating the amount of precipitation within an area as well as generating a good natural habitat for the species. 


There are several reasons why deforestation is still being executed. These reasons include the primary idea that forested land is not as economically feasible as farmland. Some reasons are the following:

Forest Fires

Illegal Logging
  • Urban Construction
  • Industrialization
  • Livestock farming.
  • Experimentation purposes.
  • Conversion into agricultural grounds. 
  • Forest Fires


There are numbers of adverse effect of deforestation that include environmental and economical. Some of these are listed below.

Soil Erosion
Global Warming
  • Disruption of the Water Cycle 
  • Loss of Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Flooding and Drought

These are just a few effects of deforestation. The results of deforestation are very awful as every forms of life on Earth are interconnected with each other. These affect not only the lives and habitats of animals but also humans. People who are depending on the forest for their survival lose their livelihood. Deforestation can be stopped if we do our responsibilities and if we have enough disciplines to ourselves. 


Trees play a critical role in the survival of animals and humans. So if cutting of trees will still be  continued, it will be a threat for animals and humans. The simplest solution to deforestation is to stop cutting trees. Other solutions are as follows.

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Commercial Forest Plantations
  • Water Management

These solutions must take in seriously and should be strictly implemented. The said solutions can contribute to the survival of every living things. These can also help in preserving our natural resources. 



  1. I totally agree that people should stop deforestation. We have to start thinking of the future and start taking care of what we have now for the next generation. We should not take our trees for granted.I know it's cliche but that's the truth. Discipline plays a very important role in solving this problem, so I say let's start protecting trees in our own little way to change the bad habit that those opportunist have started.

  2. All of these are just effects of our selfishness. Humans need to get out of their comfort zones and stop using the nature to make life more comfortable. Nature sustains us, and we take care of them in return. Most of the causes why we do these unforgivable acts is just because of our wants, not actually our needs.

  3. We must stop deforestation, else all of us will suffer. Like what I've seen in Philippines there are too many Landslides and Flash Floods happening around the province in Philippines. We can still prevent this kind of disaster as long as we cooperate.

  4. People should be aware of the chaotic effects deforestation might cause. They should have learned their lesson from the recent disasters due to deforestation; that they themselves should find a way how to protect and preserve the remaining forests around to prevent another disaster from happening again.

  5. I agree that what people need is discipline and also respect for nature. STOP DEFORESTATION! :bd

  6. I agree we should be aware of whats happening in our environment, we should not be irresponsible to what we are doing to our environment. we should protect what GOD has left for us to take care of :D

  7. The earth can only provide our NEEDS but not our GREED. We should realize that all of our needs are provided by God through nature and we should not abuse it for the sake of our greed. We must stop these abuses and respect nature, or else we will become the victims of our own actions.

  8. The degredation of the environment is a big issue in our country since the year 1950's. I believe that this is the biggest problem that our economy is facing right now. We know that we are gaining a lot from the environment in terms of livelihood, but this trigger the downfall our agri-culture, causing such economic crisis.

  9. I think we should stop environment deforestation. Because if we continue what we are doing right now, there will be a time that our future will no longer see the beauty of mother earth. And I hope u agree to me that we dont want to cost anybody's life into death for someones selfishness.

  10. Even thou people have good reasons and intention of developing our economy to have a comfortable life. Still we must consider the consequences that our action must pay Illegal Cutting of trees for commercial use and Converting Forest into Farmlands and Cities Has a big effect on our mother nature. Cited above are those tragic effects that we might suffer because of deforestation and the worst part of it is the loss of life because our selfish desire on having wealth instead of healthy forest. For me this is a nice article giving people the idea and knowledge about the effect of Deforestation.

  11. Its of no wonder why all the serious disasters that have hit our country left deep marks of tragedies.

    Natural calamities should not be the one left blamed.

    TREES (technically its roots), absorb water properties that can help not only during the dangers of flood, but to the nightmares of landslides.

    ROOTS, roots - roots, especially those of the BIG BIG OLD TREES that we (advocate of a greener Earth) try and preserve, can actually hold up the land they occupy.

    The more trees left untouched, the more trees can tend to grow, the more trees can grow its roots and steadfastly can hold up slumpy lands and the more quantity of water that can be absorbed, all - all through these trees.

    NOT ONLY THAT, during the sunny weather, especially here in the Philippines which experiences Sunny Striking days, these trees can shade us, these shades can protect us from the harshness of the heat. Also, these trees can also give us, effortlessly, calming oxygen which we need in order to survive.


    "Take them all", is a selfish line that also meant taking the lives of the people, one by one.

    "Take them all", is a selfish line that also meant taking the lives of the animals that are dependent to these awesome green-top-brown-bottom LIVING thing.

    You taking these precious precious, I have something to say to you, so listen to what your eyes may be reading from this point on...

    "One day, someday, all that you have done to the Mother Earth, all of it, ALL OF IT -

    I T W I L L B A C K F I R E O N Y O U."


  12. People tend to be abusive to the environment. People won't mind destroying everything as long as they are not being stopped by someone else. The Government should create or rather, they should make existing laws concerning the environment more stricter.

    conscience is not enough to convince some people to care for the environment, sometimes the government's interference is much needed.

  13. I agree. We should do everything to help preserve our natural resources.

  14. Stop Deforestation.Save the Earth.Start planting trees today. Build a brighter future :)

  15. Natural Disaster happened in whatever place, like flood, is the effect of Deforestation. So NO TO DEFORESTATION!

  16. Good article. This would enlighten the readers to help stop deforestation in the Philippines.

  17. Stop deforestation. let's save mother earth :D

  18. The world can live old if we will stop deforestation :)

  19. Stop deforestation and we'll be having more resources to sustain and develop for better living. :)

  20. Save the trees! Save our mother earth!

  21. We should replace all the trees that will be cut down!

  22. Trees have a lot of benefits to humans, animals, and the environment. These benefits include reduction of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in air to moderate levels, source of food, prevention of soil erosion and many others. Because of deforestation, both humans and animals experience negative effects such as death due to landslides and animal extinction respectively. We can help save the forest by doing simple things like using recycled paper. - 4ITB

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  24. Let's all work for a better future for all!

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